Meet the Maker - Me!!

Jen Horsey

This is me, Jen and my two smalls. 

I live in Hove...I adore the sea 🌊

I have always loved design... winning awards and accolades at GCSE and A Level, to then studying architecture at University. After that I started designing high end bespoke cabinetry for the home... kitchens, bathrooms, dressing rooms and the odd wine cellar (lucky things), which took me to Australia, where I spent a very happy 5 years. Fast forward to a man encouraging me back to England, a man who I now call hubby and my smalls call daddy. For various reasons I ended up leaving the professional world of design and joining his fledgling business (a small group tour company - The English Bus)... which we built and built and built together. Until it stopped being built because 2020 happened which forced our business into hibernation. My business had stopped overnight, and as everyone has experienced, our lives had dramatically changed.

I started my card and art business in October 2020, drawing (haha) on my professional design background to get my creative groove on. When covid happened, I suddenly went from too much to do and not enough time to too much time and not enough to do.

With all the shops shut, I couldn't buy cards as easily as I I started making them. And then people started asking me to make some for them. And then more people. And then they asked for art work, and then the shops said they liked them.... and things just grew, and are still growing now! 

This was the first card I made and the start of this journey for me. 

Throughout my time building The English Bus, I got my creative kicks from hobbies and courses. But now, I am thinking perhaps I can combine my business and design skills with my passion and take this further. I'm enjoying the process anyway!

Sorry to rant on.... but hope it's a little bit interesting!

Come and say hi - I'll be glad you did!!!

Don't forget to check out my facebook and instagram profiles to see all the latest designs...

If you want to read more about me and my business - and where I draw inspiration from, check out the interview I did with Abi from APT Travel HERE

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